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9 days ago

McCormick Warrior Gear 2020-2021

Click on the link below to access the order form.  Items available include t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, sticker, magnet, and lanyard.

Due to CDC guidelines the school is simplifying athletic wear purchases and warrior gear. The warrior athletes will not have individual sport options this year. You can support all students by purchasing from our school. All items will be bagged, delivered to the school and distributed to students approximately 4 weeks after the orders are finalized.

Cash, check our credit cards accepted.  Please use exact change if using cash.  To place your order over the phone and pay with a credit card, call the school at 307-771-2650 and ask for JoAnn Hernandez.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hello McCormick Families!

Students, teachers, and staff are excited to be back in the building. We have had two great weeks. Everyone has done a great job following the new expectations, and we thank you for your support and patience with our reentry plan. Thank you to all!

As we begin to settle into our new routines, here are some important items to be aware of:

Lockers: Lockers will be assigned to students during their advisory class on Monday, September 14th.

Food Service: Beginning September 14th, McCormick students will begin receiving universal free breakfast and lunch. This is a USDA program and is designed to help families during the pandemic. It is fully funded by the USDA and will run through Dec. 31. Qualified families will still need to fill out a free and reduced meal application. For additional information, please refer to

Masks: All individuals within MJHS will be required to wear a mask. All masks are to meet CDC guidelines and LCSD#1 dress code guidelines. We continue to ask for your assistance to express the importance of wearing a mask. Each student is required to have at least two masks on them.

 Water: Students may bring a refillable water bottle which will be allowed in class. Water fountains throughout the building will be shut off except for the bottle fillers.

Appointment Check Out: Please call the attendance office (307-771-2658) as early as possible to notify of an appointment.  When you arrive at McCormick, please call the school and meet us at the front door to sign your student out.  Upon return, it is not necessary to accompany your student back into the building.  Just call and notify the office that your student has returned, and we will open the doors for reentry.

Athletics: For all McCormick football and volleyball games, we would like to remind everyone that a mask is required when entering all athletic facilities, home and away. A mask is also required if you are unable to social distance 6 feet from other people or families. Masks must be worn properly at all times. A reminder, every player has been given a pass which is limited to two guests per player for each game. We appreciate your support and assistance as we adhere to COVID-19 standards.

Networks of Support: The Networks of Support team will have our first “Warrior Rendezvous” and will meet with our 8th graders starting Friday September 25th. More information is forthcoming.

Parent Advisory Committee: Our first Parent Advisory Committee meeting will take place via Zoom and will be on September 30th, 2020 at 5:00pm. A Zoom link will be available on our webpage on September 29th.

Virtual Open House:  Visit our website to view video presentations created by our McCormick teachers.  This is a great opportunity to get to know your child’s teachers and to learn about their classroom policies and expectations.

Have a great day!

Thank you for your patience as we plan for our upcoming school year. We understand that you may have questions as it pertains to our return. We have completed our reentry plan and have submitted to district leadership for approval. Once approved, it will be posted on our webpage. Please take a look at the FAQ document below to help answer your questions.

Question 1: Are students required to wear masks in the classroom?

All adults and students are required to wear masks when on school grounds, except for eating or other designated “mask breaks” that would take place outside. Masks will also be required for students riding the bus to/from school.

Question 2: Will students have access to handwashing and sanitizing?

Students will handwash/sanitize at regular intervals. McCormick will have supplies of hand sanitizer and soap to allow for frequent handwashing. Classrooms and school facilities will be disinfected regularly.

Question 3: How often will students’ social distance?

Answer: Students and staff will maintain six feet of social distancing in indoor and outdoor settings as much as possible.

Question 4: How will social distancing be enforced in the classroom?

Answer: Classrooms will be set up to follow the health and safety guidelines in our submitted plan. Classroom seating will be revised to maximize distancing between students as much as possible. Desks will be rearranged so that students are all facing the same direction and community desks will be removed.

Question 5: Will McCormick’s schedule be the same as the high school schedule?

Answer: No. There will be no change to the middle level schedules. As we continue to move forward with planning, our schedule will consist of the four cores meeting daily and electives rotating on an A/B yearlong schedule

Question 6: What is the deadline for students to enroll in Cheyenne Virtual School?

Answer: Students who live in the LCSD1 boundary may enroll in the Cheyenne Virtual Academy (CVS) at any time. Students who wish to leave CVS and return to a regular school may do so at the end of each quarter.

Question 7: Can my child attend Cheyenne Virtual Academy and participate in electives at McCormick?

Answer: Yes, but consideration is based on enrollment and seat availability.

Question 8: What is the status for McCormick athletics?

Answer: the McCormick Athletic Program will be following the WHSAA reentry recommendations. We are currently working on our individual reentry plan and will have updates posted by August 12th.

Question 9: Will students still have the option of participating in school approved clubs?

Answer: Per district guidelines, student organizations will not meet until the second quarter.

Question 10: Will students have access to personal lockers?

Answer: Due to the inability to properly clean and social distance, the decision has been made not to assign hallway or PE lockers. Students may bring a backpack and water bottle daily. Additional information will be shared at orientation.

Hello McCormick parents! As we enter our sports seasons, please remember that The Wyoming High School Activities Association and McCormick Jr. High School wants to remind you that good sportsmanship is one of the primary purposes of educational athletics. Our student-athletes and coaches recognize that judgment calls by officials, coaches, and themselves, are made in good faith and should be respected. Spectators can support both of these teams by refraining from derogatory or demeaning comments and cheers today.  Please represent your community, your school and yourself in a positive way. We hope that you will enjoy the game and support the students in a positive and sportsmanlike manner. Go  Warriors!


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